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The knowledge of handbag leather(1)

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-30
For handbag we would like to share several leather knowledge for you.
1. Oil skin
Inspection way:oil style,use hard thing or nails delimit the leathr   gently,there are obvious tracks ,use few oil wipe gently then it can recover.Push the face of leather will have color change effect.
Clear way:use few oil into the cloth wipe the leather carefully and evenly.
Mantain and noted points:When you use your wallet or handbag ,pls. Aviod the  water 、oil and try your best to avoid crash and scratch with hard place.Otherwise  the leather will damage and not recover.As for the deep oiled leather the glue craft is not
goods,easy tackless,so we suggest you to mantain the leather by oil,such as be and light oil.

2.Polishing cow leather
Inspection way:the polishing cow leather face always don’t use any decoration,just dyeing on it.Apply wax on the surface if the water after polishing skin lines clear,viewing strong and the touch feel is smooth.Put water on leather ,there is obvious wet printing.
Clear way:When you clear the leather you can not use oil water,it is better for you to wipe by eraser gently.
Mantain and noted points:the polising cow leather is without coating easy absorb water especial for colorful color. When you use ,you need be careful with the water and other dirty things,avoid touch with oil. 

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