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The cost of the band bag

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on :2016-05-02

Luxury bag can take "Windfall profits" is not the first time to be said, Not long ago the thing that Gucci handbags have theft triggered debate on big package cost. So the band bags' cost are how much?

First-class cow leather material cost will be RMB five hundreds

"Design is the simplest but if you use first-class cow leather material the cost will be 400 to 500 yuan, the cost is not include too complicated process and a little delicate adornment, so the say the band bags' cost is only a few hundred yuan is untenable, the material used in the bags are more than the price. " sunteam'S manager Delia who Engaged in the leather said .

The cost of bags It is mainly composed by brand value, the price of raw materials, labor costs, tariffs, and processing cost, market public relations costs, channel, etc.

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