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The classification of wallet

  • Author:Erin
  • Release on:2017-12-19
Wallet is a necessity in our daily life. The styles of wallet are varied and the materials are also varied. The following are the classification of the wallet according to the shape, the material and the function.

1. classification according to the shape
Wallet can be divided into short wallet, long wallet, zipper wallet, flap wallet according to the shape of the wallet. Short wallet is suitable for carrying, and long wallet is more formal. The zipper wallet and the flap wallet are also very practical and beautiful.

2. classification according to the material
The wallet can be divided into cowhide leather wallet, sheepskin/goatskin wallet, PU/ PVC wallet, fabric wallet, micro fiber wallet and so on. The prices of genuine leather wallet is higher, but genuine leather wallet is more durable. The price of the PU/PVC wallet is relatively cheaper, but the design is beautiful. Fabric wallet is also durable, but should pay attention to cleaning. The micro fiber wallet usually is cheaper than the genuine leather wallet, but it is expensive than the PU/PVC wallet.

3. Classification according to the function
According to the function, wallet can be divided into phone wallet, card wallet, coin case, multi-function wallet and so on. A multi-functional wallet, which can be loaded with money, change, credit card, check and so on. There are also wallet with special function, such as the RFID wallet.