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The choice technique of travel bags

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-06-08

   Travel bags refers to all kinds of leather, artificial leather, synthetic leather, plastic, textile for fabrics, with plywood, plastic plate, corrugated board paper for inner tube, the thermal pressure or vacuum molding, injection molding, sewing craft, it is a travel tool which has the function of stowed clothes, classified according to varieties mainly include travel travel luggage, soft box, bag.Travel luggage is the hard material hard, others travel bag is not like that, on the other hand, the rucksack mainly refers to the capacity of the ordinary bags, equipped with various drag rod. Currently on the market of the common hard box materials such as ABS, PP, thermoplastic composite materials, the material soft box, bag, as a general rule, it is nylon, canvas, leather, etc.Travel bags have become the common people to travel to visit out office or holiday, so the quality has been attracting the attention of consumers. 

   Hang out, travel bags nature is everyone indispensable helper. A high quality bags may bring to your journey more comfortable and relaxed; On the contrary, a bad bags may deprive you all joy in the journey.

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