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Teach you how to identify different leather of brand bags?

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-04-29
When you buy a handbag ,usually you like choose the handbag made of leather especially genuine leather,in one hand the leather handbag is more upscale,on other hand because of the leather handbag is compeletely durable. 

Nowadays ,the main leather are genuine leather recycled leather and PU leather three kinds leather.Today ,I would like to introduce the feature of these 3 leather,help you to find the suitable handbag. Genuine leather always processed into  a variety of leather materials from original leather of cow 、sheep、pig and other animal's leather. Genuine leather divide into full grain leather and split leather .The full grain leather is directly processed by the cattle, sheep, pig and other raw grain leather with a surface made. 

Animal skin is regenerated after the exhaust and leather scraps pulverized deployment of chemical 
raw materials produced by processing.The characteristics are the leatehr 
leather edge orderliness,high utilization, cheap price ,but the leather generally a little 
thinkerand the strength is poor.Fake leather or ribber is the floorboard of the synthetic materials such as PVC and PU. 

The fake leather is based on the textile cloth or non-woven fabric, made from all kinds of PVC and PU, foam or film processing from different formulations,the characteristics are waterproof performance good, edge orderliness、hiigh utilization and the price is cheap than genuine leather. Top PU,the face technology almost same as the genuine leather ,the price is almost same as the full grain leather. There are many abroad environmental advocates who like to choice the top PU material handbag.

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