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Sunteam 30 foreign trade ways for our customers(3)

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on :2016-11-29
21 tips do not rush your opponent to make a decision
–Stop asking “Have you decided?”
22 ways to silence is golden
—Silence is golden.
23 ways to brag too much, enough to defeat
–Don't boast!Don't speak we can give you a guarantee 100 years.
24 ways to not waste communication opponent time
I’ll have my secretary type the contract for you to sign at once, then I'll drive you to the airport for your flight at 7:00
25 ways to accomplish your aim, to leave immediately
—I'm glad to have met you, Mr. Lee.
26 ways to communicate with confidence
—You can ask me any question.
27 tips to opponent's expertise and ability to communicate that cognitive
–I know you are good at ….
28 tips to positive tone, talking about an opponent's problem
—I believe our experts can give you helpful advice for the problem in your company.
29 ways to break bad news gentle
—Bad news,I'm afraid.

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