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Sunteam 30 foreign trade ways for our customers(2)

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-11-22
11 Clearly articulate your thoughts and decisions 
—I think I should call a lawyer.

12.Find the crux of the problem 
–What seems to be the trouble?

13 to have the sincerity to solve the problem 
—Please tell me about it.I’m sorry for my error and assure you I will take great care in performing the work

14 make recommendations in a timely manner 
–We'll send you a replacement right away or We can adjust the price for you if you keep the material
15 Identify important details at an
y time 
—Is this waht we decided?I'll have to return this contract to you unsigned

16 When you do not understand what the other person is saying, make sure to repeat it 
—Would you mind repeating it?Could you explain it more precisely?

17 Give the affirmative response to the opponent 
—Is it important that …?Is it helpful if …?

18 make appropriate concessions 
—The best compromise we can maks is…or This is the lowest possible price

19.Do not make hasty decisions 
—Please let me think it over or Would it be all right to give you an answer tomorrow?

20 The skills to say "no"
–No, but …That's difficult

For our company last 10 foreign tradeways we will show you next time,tks for reading !

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