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Strategy of most buyers from all over the world

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-10-18
Know ourselves, can only know yourself. Understanding and familiar with the characteristics of buyers from different countries, negotiation skills, purchasing habits, will help us better communicate with the guests, to achieve business.

France: Most of the cheerful, very talkative, romantic nature, attention to leisure, time concept is not strong. They are often late in business or social communication or unilaterally change the time.

Nordic: simple, humble and steady, step by step, calm. Attaches great importance to the quality of products, certification, environmental protection, energy saving, etc., attention is higher than the price of concern.

North America: attention to efficiency, cherish the time, the pursuit of practical interests, attention to publicity and appearance of the image. Negotiation style extrovert, confident and even some pride, but for specific business, the contract will be very cautious. Negotiations with the US buyer or offer special attention, it should be the overall overall offer to provide the package, consider the overall.

South America: stubborn, personal first, idle pleasure, heavy feelings. To be considerate in the negotiations. At the same time many South American buyers lack of international trade knowledge, and even the idea of payment of letters of credit is extremely weak. As the local political instability, domestic financial policy changeable, and South American customers to do business with L / C, be particularly careful, at the same time, learn to use the "localization" strategy, pay attention to play the role of Chamber of Commerce.

We will share more info. for you next time ,tks for reading !

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