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Small Leather Goods

  • Author:Erin
  • Release on:2017-11-28
Small leather goods is popular and widely loved by consumers. It is with wide range, including wallet, pouch, wristlet, coin case, card holder, passport holder, credit card holder, and so on.
It is necessity in daily life.
When travel, we will use passport holder, cosmetic bag, luggage tag, etc.
When shopping, we will use wallet, coin case, credit card holder, etc.
When going out, we will use wallet, key holder, etc.
Small leather goods can be made of cowhide leather, sheep skin, goat skin, etc.
And leather can be made in Italy and other countries. The Italy leather is with good quality and widely loved by consumers.
To make small leather goods, we can base on original sample or design sketch to make.
Quality is the most important thing. Small leather goods with good quality can be very durable which can be used for many years.
In the daily life, we should protect the small leather goods well, cannot be getting wet and cannot be exposed under the hot sun. And the leather cannot be scratched by sharp knife. If we protect well, the small leather goods can be still in good quality after long time use.