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Single women deserve more respect in China

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2017-02-06

Spring Festival was a torture for me, a sad truth that I have to admit. "When will you be married?" haunted me all the way through the eight-day holiday. Single at 25, I am urged to "catch" the right man as early as possible or be regarded as a "leftover" woman in most of my relatives' eyes, a term, I believe, is discriminative against females.
Moreover, marriage is a personal choice that deserves respect. Everyone has the freedom and right to choose his/her way of life. However, "leftover" women, especially those over 25, are always being told by relatives, friends and even some media outlets to be ashamed of their status of being single. To be frank, every time my relatives persuade me to "catch" the right man, I do not feel comfortable or being respected. I totally understand that my relatives just want me to be well-protected and cared for by the right person, but my choice to stay single needs to be understood. I would feel more respected if my aunties show less concerns about my personal life.

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