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Right collocation of handbag

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-03
If the whole color is dark of a cloth,then the right handbag will be a punchline for you.The right handbag will remove the lifeless and depressive feeling. Not meaning you need all  glittering ,but you still need something to show the lightspot.

Attening banquet and other occasions,the clutch bag is a great chooice,not only can gain the attractive temperament ,also not let you helpless. Beside these,you also need know your own advantage and weaknesses,for example:the short people don't choose long single shoulder backpack,fat people don't buy so small or round bucket handbag and so on.

As for the collocation of handbag ,we must mention the new China TV plays of "Huan Lesong",this TV is the textbook of fashion.Different people with different character, different character suit different handbag.In this tv ,the character of main actor are total different and bright.So the collocation also very different. Except the cloth and makeup ,the collocation of handbag is also important.

Miss Guan,a quiet and literature girl,she is taking the literary Sen female line ,so the choice of the package, mostly are canvas shoulder bag or backpack, both simple and retro.

Miss AnDi ,a top manager with high temperament,the handbag she use is also noble and elegant,the whole feeling is really in high atmospheric grade.

Miss Fan,a senior HR,the clutch bag is one of the necessary packages.

Miss Qiu,a cute girl,all of the collocation is pretty and cartoon styles.

In our life ,we also should like them,use the suitable handbag of the different character and accasion.A wide variety of handbags is really attractive for girls, you can buy all kinds of handbags to match your different cloth and makeup.

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