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Precautions and care of leather use

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on :2016-11-17
About fall colors
 Because natural leather uses natural finished items to make use of rich facial expressions, color fading may occur due to friction with clothing and the like. Especially when it gets wet with rain or sweat etc., color discoloration easily occurs, so please be careful.
 Depending on the material of the cloth product, please be aware that color fading and color transfer may occur due to friction, sweat, rain and other water wet.
About storage
 In summer cars, direct sunlight, hot and humid places are harsh environments for bags. Because it will cause shape collapse, discoloration or deterioration of the material, store it in the attached bag or box when storing for a long time, please keep it in the shade as airy as possible.
 If you get wet with water, please wipe immediately to prevent spots. If it gets wet please dry thoroughly in the shade.
 Do not fill heavy items more than necessary so that collapse does not occur.
Care of leather
 By brushing the entire bag every time you use it, you can maintain beautiful condition. Please choose a brush made of horse hairs and pig hair.
 When leather loses moisture or oils and fats, coloring disappears and cracks and the like may occur. When leather moisturizing agent such as oil and cream is given to such leather, leather gets moist and becomes glossy and it returns. However, commercially available cleaners and oils may cause discoloration, discoloration and deterioration due to the compatibility of materials. Please use it after making a test with inconspicuous part.

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