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Police man picked up a wallet and wait for 4 hours

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-05
Do you know the wallet is how important for us ?A leather wallet can holder your cash and all kinds of cards ,like ID card 、bank card and so on,once you loss your wallet will cause big trouble ,because it is really tedious process to create a new card and you need spend much time on create a new one .We got a news recently about the wallet case,we can learn how important the wallet for us according to below story.

Mr.Pan left his wallet after lunch ,he focus on his client for a long time.Until 4 hours passed ,Mr. Pan relised that his wallet was lost,but it already passed four hours and he is no hopeless to find his wallet ,but he still inform his wife to find his wallet nearby the lunch place. "we almost without any expect to get back my wallet,we never thought that the police picked up my wallet and waiting for me for 4 hours,the police noble sentiment is so moving to us."

Because of Mr. Pan is urgent outside need catch the airplane ,he can not tks for police by hiself ,he told his wife to give some money as remuneration to police man,but all refused by police man.This is absolutely a good behavior in this world ,if more people can deal the case like this ,our world will
be more nice .

We are leather goods manufacturer ,we produce fashion leather handbag and high quality leather wallet,all of our staff will learn more of this spirit and help more people .

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