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Or educational background has a meaning in Japan?

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2016-11-03
If once I won the highly educated, might have seemed like a glorious future is promised. Now the "college all incoming era", the story is not so simple. Also in the Masters Degree continued unstable life without a job that you want the presence of a "highly educated working poor" has also become a problem.
Tendency to highly educated people is preferential treatment in employment or a particular community, it is often questioned as "education discrimination". On the other hand, is now in Japan, when it comes to the master's and doctorate and graduated from the faculty of the university, there is ironic reality that can not be a job rather. In fact, without the job that you want take the PhD, there is only person become part-time worker will have a lot.

I, and will let you know in a wide world of people the dire situation of the graduate employment rate (including the time of their own), I put out a book called "highly educated working poor" in 2007. Then have passed about 10 years, but the situation has not improved at all. The past few years, the number of graduate and graduate students has decreased slightly, but the employment rate of doctoral graduates is ever lower. Employment rate for fiscal 2015 is in the (average of the combined humanities and sciences with the exception of Biomedical drug system) 52%, one in two people not wearing a stable job. 5,000 from 4,000 is not forced to part-time workers of every year, we know the situation that has been excluded from a substantially society rail.
Or educational background is necessary? If asked, I need with confidence, and you answer. However, here I say "education" is, at universities and graduate schools, the unit of what subjects, is a record of how acquired in how much of the performance. Many people ◯◯ Bachelors Degree, that I think do not convinced that it is "Education" and "pass history" of a mere examination. Originally the "Education" is made only after entering the university. Knowledge obtained working on firmly academic, it is also utilized to work from when the society in any field, live as a foundation of liberal arts Even without the case. However, since the Japanese universities have not done a rigorous performance evaluation, the original is not in Education "pass-winning" is've dominated the width. This is useless. Japanese society, are you the first place mix-up the education concept.

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