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National customer anatomy report

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-10-26
First, the United States
Most American guests are open, enthusiastic and joking. Some people first time to see you may give you the feeling is very serious, it is because he sees you as sales, if you can give him a professional but without losing the sense of humor, he will soon like You slowly take you as a friend. After the cooperation will be smooth a lot.

1, the United States of individual heroism embodied relatively strong.
This is often the case at the time of purchase, if you can leave the impression that the Chinese regional purchasing manager a humorous professional, he will give you add private scores.

If so, even if your price is higher than other suppliers, they will not care. Because he is the man who can make a decision.

2, like new products.
They have great curiosity about new products and are willing to try. If your company can introduce new products every quarter based on their market, they will think you are great.

Second, the United Kingdom and Australia
British and Australian guests are more similar, I would like to and Australia is a British colony inseparable.

1, Gentleman
They are always in front of others to show their very noble look. Even if the meal, talk about work when they always put their backs quite straight. So, with them, you have to learn a gentleman, to become their noble.

Dress to note, do not have to wear professional suits, but the clothing grade must be relatively high. Taboo scarlet clothes.

2, The traditional
Relative to the United States, the British customers will be more cautious, more traditional, not with their own subjective feel easy to select suppliers. If you want to become his supplier, first of all from the personal temperament, the company strength, professional attitude began. It is best to know more about some customer preferences, and then spare some time and talk to him about the problem. But if you have not seen a few times, do not casually joke.

But the British and Australian customers or customers are different, Australians will be with a lot of sex. Australian customers will be more friendly.

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