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National customer anatomy report 3

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-11-09

Fourth, Italy

1, Sensitive

Italian guests are generally more sensitive, probably because of their rich artistic cells. So be careful when you're kidding. Otherwise, you just humor, they think you are in irony.

Italy is known for its ability to design, unless your company's design can really great, or do not always copy the product to them that is their own company design. Even if you tell him directly to someone else in a design improvement, than to design their own strong.

Another way is to send their guests over the design, if you seriously consider and found a better design, you can tell the customer, he will appreciate you; if their design is not strength, it is best not to try.

V. South Africa

1, Do not like low-key

South Africa is a great gap between the poor and the poor, before the gold rush to purchase people in China are relatively rich, and now slowly become a little mixed. You can from their dress to determine whether the person is rich, they are generally more like exposed. Wearing gold and silver, the four words to describe them the most appropriate. If you see a South African, wearing a great taste, and not so "vulgar", then he may be living in Europe and America, that he is very powerful. Because black people in the white world to create their own piece of heaven and earth, it is not easy. Since he can do that, he must be good.

2, Dining attention

Many people have their own national beliefs, and some food is not eat. And guests must understand before eating well.

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