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National customer anatomy report 2

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-11-03

Third , the Germany and Japan 

1, Self-confidence

Super-confident customers often come from these two countries. Whether it is the Germanic nation or the nation, they think they are the world's most outstanding nation. Therefore, they are demanding on their suppliers. To work with them, do not think about anything else, come up with your professional, come up with the strength of your company, come up with your self-confidence.

This self-confidence is not blowing out, to be real. Must have the strength and then the two countries, customers, or will die miserable.

2, Careful

Do not be too happy, even if you are looking for suppliers, they will have to go through repeated screening; even select you, do not be happy too early, under normal circumstances, you are not the only supplier.

Therefore, you have to take good performance, to strive for strength to enter their ranks of outstanding suppliers.

3, Focus on quality

Must not out of quality problems, even if the cost of a lot higher than the other guests to control, should be cost-effective than the emergence of quality problems. Otherwise reduce the order, a fine, and even guests do not say a word to stop cooperation, it is very common. If your goods to Japan found quality problems, it is even worse, Japan rework, labor costs here is ten times; throw away the product, garbage disposal fee is high; return shipped back to China, Oh, their own operators Count to know.

4, Pay attention to dress

And the customer to meet the best package. Reception of Japanese guests, the best light-colored suit, they like beige, white and other clean light; and the German guests are generally prefer blue, cool colors. So, and the guests of these two countries, we must always be careful. For the price, they generally will not be too concerned about, as long as you are reasonable to increase the price, they will accept.

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