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Mother’s handbag

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2016-05-07

When I was a kid, my mother comes to the kindergarten to meet me, all carrying her beautiful handbag. Handbag has the interesting food I like to eat, fruit, biscuits, jelly...and the handkerchief which with rabbit design stitched by my mother. Whenever I cry, mother is always take the handkerchief, and care for me, and comforted me. In my memory, as long as I want, seem to have my mother's handbag. In elementary school, my mother's handbag is not only has food anymore, but also pen, ruler, draft, etc. Remember once, when I do my homework because of my bad habit of forgot things, can't find my ruler, if further delay, maybe tomorrow will not be able to hand in the homework, mom smile and took out a new one from the bag, and asked me to get rid of these bad habits. I was so happy, hug mother kissed deeply! Moms handbag also changes with the change of seasons.In the summer, my mother's handbag is fans, sunscreen, wind and water. In winter, my mother's handbag would have a mask, scarf, gloves, hand cream, etc.

I really like my mother's leather handbag, because I know, my handbag always have mothers meticulous care to me. Now I work in Sun Team Leather Goods Company, specialized in genuine leather wallet and bag, Tomorrow it is mothers day, I will sent a leather special design handbag to her as the love gift!


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