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Middle-aged and elderly shoulder canvas bag

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2018-09-15

Is there any shoulder canvas bag suitable for middle-aged and elderly people? The following can be recommended by Sunteam for several bags. Both the appearance and the style are very suitable for middle-aged and elderly people.

Ladies middle-aged fashion one shoulder canvas bag

The canvas bag is comfortable, the weight is light for carry. The density is sufficient and the texture and air permeability is good. Keeping it dry will not be odorous, and the bag will be healthy. The logo decoration is made of squares and the printed LOGO is reliable and more fashionable. The trend of metal elements is not diminished, and the metal buckles have a unique shiny style, which highlights the fashion and novelty of canvas bags.

The zipper on the bag is made of high-grade nylon zipper. The smooth zigzag chain is smooth and easy to pull. The chained chain has a fringe of tassels, and the movement is sweet and temperament.

The fine lathe is even and coherent, firm and firm, reflecting the meticulous spirit, and ensuring the quality of each bag.

The high-quality hardware detachable buckles on the straps of the straps are sturdy and durable, providing you with convenience for your convenience.

The printing of the bags is very suitable for the age of the elderly, and it is also fashionable.