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Material quality identify

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2018-07-09

Cloth and lining: Mostly used for the exterior and interior of the bag. Surface: The fabric can't be drawn, the stripes of the yarn should be clear and the color should be uniform. The number of horizontal stripes of the yarn should be enough, the thickness should be enough, and the yarn should be straight (tested by the measuring instrument);

Force: Combine the car in the direction of the horizontal straight line and pull it through without pulling it. At the same time, the colored materials should pay attention to whether there is a reinforcing color. Especially for the bright colors, the dyeing phenomenon is more likely to occur. The color matching is not good until the finished product finds that it is too late!

Foam and sponge: It is mostly used between the fabric and the lining of the bag. The bag is not visible. Mainly depends on whether the base and density are sufficient (whether a square has enough weight). Good cotton is elastic and not easy to pull open

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