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Luxury Lab

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-07-07
On June 30th - July 2, Viva Technology Paris Technology event held in Paris, LVMH as the main partner of the event, set up the first "laboratory" for the luxury industry.There are many famous people attend the show in the first day: French President francois hollande, LVMH's chairman and CEO Bernard Arnault, chairman and CEO publicis Maurice Levy, chief executive of the French haute couture trade unions Pascal Morand and so on are visit the show.

New growth companies continue to grind the shape for luxury goods industry is very important , "One of the company Orchard Mile was choosen of Luxury lab, co-founder of Morty Singer responded."Luxury brands are generally considered to be very smooth and does not require technological change, and LVMH attempt to explore the top technology of science and technology and creativity are very forward-looking and force a change.

LVMH's chief digital library Ian Rogers make further complement for digital technology change the luxury goods industry in the future , the  important part of the science and technology innovation is actually acknowledged the importance of the entrepreneurial spirit.LVMH fully believe that every company in the lab represent the future of luxury. 

According to Rogers, these start-ups are LVMH carefully selected from hundreds of start-up companies.They are not the pure digital companies, but are related to the  luxury digital enterprise, involving: fashion, wine, jewelry, and even food field.These enterprises some are mature, some just beginning, LVMH provide them with such exposure platform, help them to create more value in the future.And then the selected startups including e-commerce platform, such as: Selectionnist, Orchard "Mile, Ordre, Swoonerydeng etc., there are many technology companies, such as Cinematique, MemoMi, Tulip Retail, etc.

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