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Looking forward to a business trip

  • Author:lisa
  • Release on:2016-04-10
Maybe you think it isn't a good thing to go to the bussiness trip.Maybe you think that if you go to the bussiness trip you will spend half a day on the road.But I was looking forward to the bussiness trip,not only expecting that Ican do it,I also looking forward to my colleague to do it.
As a new staff this is a good exercise for me.Not can I learn a lot of knowledge,but also can Igo to the there.
I believe mang people may excited like me.
Every time a colleage on a businsee trip can always help us to take some thing that we want ,this timea colleage went to HongKong for work,hei work is introduce our products to the guest,our main products like leather wallet,PU wallet,passport holder.the free time she have is only at night.Even she is busy,she still took time to help us buy the thing we want ,it's really thanks.
The next time is my chance to go to the Canton,tell the truth I have a little excited,looking forward to smoothy.Also hope to have the time to taste local food.