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Looking for love and be loved in the bag

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-05-23

  In nineteenth century in Europe,Fashion girl began to be chasing handbag  , in order to match the color of clothing worn and girls who have their own handmade handbag. In the twentieth century, as women have become more consumer awareness awakening, diamonds, gold began to appear on the bag, lizard skin, crocodile leather bag is very popular. Forties, the war in the world, including more than practical design and appreciation, the impact of the war prompted the emergence of a backpack, backpack used to put gas masks, food and documents. After the war, since there was a shortage of metal and leather, popular, washable plastic bag popular.

  With the changes in social life, the package is also undergoing its own revolution. Strengthen accessories design, it has become a global fashion brand to seek profits, seek a consensus on development. When the bag is not subject to the same means as obvious seasonal restrictions, fashion its impact is relatively small, even a hand bag can be used with several sets of fashion. SUNTEAM bags depending on the characteristics of the trend of popular features with accurate thinking and grasp of his work and always maintain a specific brand of temperament and creative thinking.

SUNTEAM luggage Each packet open your heart, kindly communicate with you, your bags in-depth soul, with its breath of life to help you get close to your dreams

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