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Let's use correct Japanese

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2016-11-14

Wording in business that you are going to mistake if you do not conscious. Even words that you usually talk about casually, perhaps it surprises the surroundings. I asked men of society who were surprised by the wrong words in business.

■ I intended to work with my opponent ...

· "It's kind of a hard work, you should not use it regardless of your eyes now."

· "I was surprised when my younger employees told me it was a hard work, thank you for your hard work, I wish you a good job"

The principal who said it may have tried to deal with the other party, but it also makes me rude not only because my wording is wrong but I do not convey that feeling. In the business scene it seems better to say that "I'm cheers for you".

■ Words that are too polite are something strange

· "Attaching a job title, excessive politeness"

· "I think when I hear double honorific words"

Excessive polite language in many people who care about wording to improve impression. There is no need to honor a title, and honorific words will be used unnaturally if you use it too often. It seems that words are polite and not good.

■ At first glance it sounds normal

· "I said" Are you OK? "" Are you okay? "

· "When you use ○○ please use gently polite words from above"

Many people frequently use words called so-called byte words such as "Was it all right" or "over there"? "Please do it", "Please do it" and so on are heard so many times, it seems to be using it, but you need attention.

Let's learn correct Japanese

· "There are too many, mainly those that are not included"

· "When the word 'nobody is there' frequently flies"

Recently, the wrong Japanese came to be heard commonly. When telling that things are possible, they express themselves by "excerpts", and many people use words that are not suitable as conjunctions. It might be a pretty difficult thing to remember correct Japanese.

There seems to be a lot of people who are surprised by many words that are said to be wrong, but as the opinion says "When a noisy man in business manners uses wrong wordings and honorific words" Sometimes it is not always right. When it is pointed out wording, it is important to take seriously and improve it.

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