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Leather Buying Guide – What You Need to Know

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2017-02-10
Many of us have leather in our homes, and one of the most common pieces of furniture is the leather sofa. However, many people don’t realise that there are many types of leather and they all feel different, and need slightly different treatment. Here’s all the information that you need to know in the Vale Furnisher leather buying guide.

Look and Feel
Choosing your desired look and feel will help you decide on the best type of leather for your sofa or chair.

Maintenance Required
Pure aniline leathers are luxurious but require specialist maintenance. You might prefer a lower-maintenance leather with a protective coating.

Full-Grain Leather

Full-grain is the highest grade of leather you can buy. It’s the most natural and comes from thick hides that have not been sanded or buffed, thereby retaining all the original marks and imperfections of the animal it came from. Full-grain leather has optimum fibre strength and durability and, rather than wearing out, it develops a lovely, natural patina that only adds to its character. Full-grain leather is typically available in two finishes: full or pure aniline and semi-aniline.

Split Leather
Split leathers can be embossed and finished to look like top-grain leathers, but they are brittle, don’t absorb well and have a much lower life-expectancy than top-grain leathers.

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