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If no money, how long we'll love

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-04-26

If no money, how long we'll love 

She often nestling at his side, she said to him, in the future in our home, there will be a small refrigerator, a small tub washing machine with drier, a TV, of course, is small, the most important thing is there will be a piano, I play for you. We should always climb, watching the sunset and sunrise.

Mountain climbing is very cheap, but the price of a piano closer to her value. But her father did not agree to this man to marry his daughter, he believes that his daughter has a bright future, will be able to succeed, and this man can only become a stumbling block to her. And she could not love such a man. Perhaps we could hold on, maybe in that case, we will have a totally different life.

At that time, we do not have much money, and he use a small wallet. But we have love, dreams, and hopes.

Now, maybe you have achieved something which you desire when you are young , maybe some of them are beyond our imagination. But never a feeling of happiness, we have substance, but meaningless. Because in the process of struggle with life, we feel that everything is no longer important, it seems that we only care about the success or be considered an success. 

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