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How to select a high quality wallet

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-04-24
1, high-grade leather A good leather purse is certainly to be natural, whether ordinary leather or lizard leather, crocodile leather, not taken into account the range of nylon and so on, even if it is functional . Of course, exception LV coated. 

2,Good quality, wear-resistant and durable A Good wallet of course, have good quality. The stitching should be straight, left and right side should be balanced, crease, corner, edging work should be fine, should be uniform, should be strong and durable, good wallet also can be used for many years. Good wallet look simple, elegant, engaging, and attention to detail, not to sacrifice functionality and beauty, not piecemeal like rivets, there will be very prominent and exaggerated Logo pattern with ornaments. 

3,Good internal functions Each wallet can not necessarily hold a lot of things. But each category wallet in this category must be reasonable and practical barrier. The classic long paragraph wallet, can absorb a lot of things. The purse will certainly pretend to be a little less. Do not put everything in your wallet, easy lost or stolen. If you have to put a coin, please purchase another purse. 

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