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How to protect your handbag?

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-27

1.Before use a new handbag ,it is better for you to applying a waxy on your bag to avoid the dust .The corner of the handbag is the most easy broken part,then you need coating on colorless nail polish on the corner in order to protect the handbag scratch and deformation.

2.Don not use one handbag everyday,you need give it rest time for about one or two days after you use some time ago and pick up all your things into other handbag.For those dont use handbag ,please put some paper into the handbag in order to avoid it deformation,make your handbag useful life time more longer .

3.When your handbag touched with sweat or exposure with big sun directly,the handbag easy dirty and change the color,here we suggest you need flap it frequently.As for expensive handbag,you need often coating polish.You need avoid use shoes polish,it would hurt the leather handbag.

4.Avoid the water and moisture.

5.You need put your genuine leather handbag into cotton bag ,dont put it into plastic bag when you not use your is better to put some soft paper into your handbag to keep the shape of the handbag.If you dont have the proper cotton bag ,you can use the old pillowcase.

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