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How to protect genuine leather goods

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2018-01-17

First of all ,genuine leather use animal fur after special processing, used to make a variety of leather goods. A wide range of leather, different, construction, quality, and then different prices. Therefore, the leather is both a generic term for all natural leather and an ambiguous mark on the commodity market.

Do you know how to protect genuine leather goods ?

A.Can not be irradiated in bright light, to prevent grease been dried, leading to shrinking fibrous tissue, leather sclerosis brittle fracture.
B. Can not be placed in strong acid, to prevent corrosion.
C. When get wet pls. Clean it and put outside to prevent mildew.
D. When you not use for a long time, put some paper inside to prevent deformation.
E. Leather bag is very delicate, easily scratched.
F. When the leather bag moldy, wipe dry with a soft cloth, and then marked care beads and other care agents.
G. When marked with ballpoint pen marks above, milk can be used for cleaning.

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