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How to match the bag

  • Author:lisa
  • Release on:2016-07-29

Bag is small, but match bag with cloth has a little knowledge of it, if you match well it will let you look more fashion but it you cant match well it also can let you look not so fashion. So, walking in the beautiful summer romantic streets, wanted to be the highlight from lots of people, to find a beautiful color, temperament and their own bags to match the overall shape is very important.

Canvas bags are simple and match lots of cloth.when summer there are too much small things need to carry , tissue paper bags, watches, sunglasses, umbrellas, these are almost always go out the essential thing, and summer clothes are too thin so put all the thing you want carry in the pocket is impossible, they might even do find any. At a time when a simple and convenient summer canvas bag is definitely a good helper accommodated, Harajuku fashion cloth, Korea simple design, starting with white shirt, denim skirt or any T-shirt, every minute can be turned "Korean women protagonist".