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How to identify crocodile leather

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2020-03-30

What is special leather?

The leather used in luxury goods is expensive and rare. It is called special skin in the industry. The commonly used special skin includes crocodile skin, lizard skin, python skin, ostrich skin, deer skin, pearl fish skin, shark skin and so on

Compare with other special leather ,Crocodile leather used seems more than others. Leather is strong, long life, has a special skin texture, use for a long time can produce coated pulp. But not all crocodile leather are naturally synonymous with luxury, and this skins used to make leathergoods have strict requirements.

Crocodiles are divided into two kinds: dorsal skin and abdominal skin. In the past it was said that the back skin used for men's bags, belly skin used for women's bags. However crocodile is the animal that loves to fight, back skin often scar is more, so the choice material of advanced crocodile skin product at present is inclined to choose abdomen skin. This also directly affected the market price of crocodile skin, in the same grade of leather, the price of belly skin is about a third higher than the back skin. However, under the condition of conditions, the optimal selection of the back skin can be used.

Look at abdominal skin again, have whole skin of chin, limb part is cut off half, although have this loss of catharsis aperture, but the area that take can still reach about 80%