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How to go out of the "comfort zone"

  • Author:Bretty
  • Release on:2016-06-06

  The current business model, regional business and enterprise management, etc. For consistent. I hope that entrepreneurs can be recognized to the point that we are living in today's world change at any time, something useful today, probably tomorrow will not work anymore. So, if you believe those things an entrepreneur in today's works (that is what "comfort zone" inside), tomorrow is still useful, so do not want to take their "comfort zone", and that he is very dangerous.

I do not encourage entrepreneurs is no principle of mistakes. Before out of the "comfort zone" in order to better entrepreneur first, if wrong, the error will not be a fatal blow to the enterprise? What is the remedy? My father was a very successful entrepreneur, he often said, it is the secret of his success, although his life is spent in making mistakes, but do not make the same mistake he never second. This is an initiative out of the "comfort zone" approach, in fact, we are often in a passive state. Thanks to our opponents.

For entrepreneurs, too, precisely because of the fierce competition, with strong opponents, they can better fight to be inspired by, will their brains to innovate, so naturally out of the "comfort zone . "

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