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How to clean dirty men's leather wallet

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-06-18
How to clean dirty men's leather wallet ?When you away from home, entertainment, etc. will bring the purse, if not careful will make wallet dirty?Believe that many people who bought wallet have the experience of this problem.Also some people feel helpless, so we really have no way to wash the dirty on the leather wallet?Wrong!Now please let me introduce some clean method

Men's cow leather wallet

In general, can use dry towel to wipe moisture and dirty on the leather purse, leather cleaning fluid to clean up the dirty, with a leather brightener to brush a layer.This will make leather keep soft and comfortable.

Due to the leather wallet strong absorption, anti-fouling, In particular,should be paid attention to high-grade sanded cow leather bag.If there is dirty on the leather stains, with a clean wet cotton cloth of temperature detergent to wipe, and then let it dry naturally.

If leather wallet wrinkling, use an iron,and the temperature control  in the 60-70 degrees.Thin cotton fabric for lining should be used hot cloth when ironing,at the same time please keep moving the iron.

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