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How to choose the size and style when shopping bag(2)

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-05-03

The first is to choose your right interesting style and appropriate collocation of style. Styles of the Europe and the United States is a few simple, looks cool, color is gray. Such as Japan and South Korea have leisure, sweet some styles and so on, Generally the color has high saturation, handbags usually have lace, bowknot, sequins, rhinestones etc modification items pattern of dot, cartoon, etc.Then it is the choice of the size, especially when they are shopping online, sellers typically put the size out, it is convenient for buyers to choose and buy. But there are still a lot of people didn't pay attention to the details, just saw the bag, feel like it, and then buy, after received and would find that it is not what he want to, and also then cause unnecessary trouble. Recommended at the time of shopping bag, please be sure to refer to this size, if there is a problem also please ask advice to the seller, as far as possible let yourself buy a bag is your favorite. Wuhan Sun Team International trade co., LTD., specializing in the production of leather/PU wallet, bags, including handbag, cosmetic bag, coin wallet, card cases and so on. professional custom the special design to customers, hope you will like it.

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