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How to choose the right wallet

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-06-02
Which wallet is suit for woman?As for woman ,choose a right wallet is hard for them.In one hand they not only need choose one wallet they like ,in other hand they but also need choose the wallet which is suit for their status.In this case ,it make many woman feel nervious.Now we would like to share you how to choose wallet.

1.The style of wallet
The wallet for woman usually divided into long style and short style.The long wallet give people elegant and good taste and for short style will give people a feeling of capable of experience.When you buy a wallet ,you still need pay attention of brand ,we also need noted about the style.Brief、elegant and practical.When a wallet include all these points will be a perfect wallet.

2.A wallet need match your status
When some one ask which brand is good,most of us will say brand”LV”But when you choose a wallet you need pay attention of your status.The logo on the wallet must not too big and not so small.If a normal worker take a high ranking LV handbag or wallet,although the bag is magnificent ,but it is not suit for normal worker.It easy for us to consider it as a high fake bag make you not happy. 

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