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How to choose the right wallet(2)

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-06-03
1.Powerful function of wallet
In addition,the function of long fashion leather wallet is more powerful.The long wallet have more card slots and currency compartments then short wallet which can put different currency seperately,avoid the too thick of short wallet.Now you may ask ,which brand is good for a wallet?But even a good brand without a useful function is also a useless wallet.So for us ,we should not only pay attention of the brand but ignore the wallet function.

2.The color of wallet
Nowaday ,more and more different brand wallet produced in market,but from the fengshui side which color is better for saving money?If you used most bankruptcy red color wallet?We are afraid that now you not only pay attention of the wallet brand but also the many other parts need to consider.

3.Material of wallet
There are many brand wallet in the market,but the new style not mean the wallet is made of good material.We know that the wallet always use more times than their fashion leather handbag and it easy broken.If you choose the bad brand wallet,after a while time use,the wallet will burst and broken.So we sugget when you choose a wallet and only consider the brand ,you also need pay more money to choose to buy a wallet which is made of top grain wallet.

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