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How to choose the bag from workmanship?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2016-04-26

From the workmanship, in many of the sewing industry, may bag sewing is one of the most demand, both equipment and staff skills and the requirements of the bag is full of fussy, compare with others sewing material products, the fabric of bag is much more thick, much more hard and also has a certain shape and stereo feeling. So a skilled bag sewing workers need to practice for half a year or longer! See bags workmanship may has a lot of things are some common-sense things, but still can show the fine workmanship of some small details place. Such as the edge of package isnt have superfluity especially the inside of bag, and if the purses sewing have been distorted, this process requires skill and strength, the easiest way is to pull a zipper to see whether smooth, if not smooth, it meand there is a little distorted, if the zipper slider into the cloth, that workmanship is a bit poor, is can't tolerate the already set bag, for some low-grade soft fabric leisure package, also can be a little tolerance! As we all know, good clothing material will close together with fabrics, no excess, bag is same as that, after opening, the cloth should be close to the above fabrics, internal space at a glance, and inclusion size, if this is not like that, but also has a high price, it is far from  inexpensive and convenient this four word! Sun Team is a professional manufacturer specialized in genuine leather wallet and bag, fine workmanship, trustworthy!

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