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How to choose correct wallet for man 2

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2016-05-05
Handbag and the leather
When you press the regular nature leather  with your figure there will be little and dense pattern,the better leather ,the better flexible and fullness.Our usual suede stripes appear wavy display,rough but comprehensive.The pattern of cow leather always dense,pore displayed with Irregular dots.Pig leather surface will be more rough,markings usually open with three pores per set,it can be hard or soft.

Handbag and the handicraft
No matter how much time you spend to buy a bussiness handbag,you always prefer to buy a fancy handbag.After you comfirmed the style, you must check the surface and the interlayer whether sewing very well before settle the payment.You also need check the strength of the belt part and if the handbag have hardware you must check it if colour fading or not.please check the function of zipper and button,whether they are consummate,those are important when you buy a new handbag.

Handbag and deportment
When you use a small shoulder handbag ,you can fixed it under your armpit,this can invoice the handbag shake constantly.As for handbag, we must hold it in our arm and for the handbag without belt need hold on our chest.

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