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How to choose bags from the material?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2016-04-22

From the material,  this may be the root of the bag, there are many kinds of fabrics, likes cloth, synthetic leather, pu, leather, cloth is very obvious, the leather is the best, of course, but now most of the bag is pu leather, and very thin pu layers glue on a layer of leather, so feel is good, good gloss, can also do some pattern designs on the surface, most of the bag manufacturer should is to use this kind of fabric, and on the tags still indicate use leather or suede. Actually this kind of fabric is good, not easy dirty, beautiful and durable. Inside is now mostly polyester and canvas, actually the most important thing is not too soft, if too soft, then when putting something there will be obstacles, lining also will be taken out when taking out some things, it's not good! And always open the bag can not see other thing just a pile of irregular cloth. Sun Team bag can provide you a different experience, genuine leather wallet and bag all are produced from Bangladesh factory and Imported Italian leather, if you need, please contact us.