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How to choose a wallet for man

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on:2019-04-11
Among many wallet brands, men's wallets are mainly made of dark leather, which can show men's taste. A good wallet will make men more tasteful and have more personal dignity in front of others.

What color is a man's purse

The color of wallet represents different meaning, in geomantic study, it is the circumstance that the money that affecting purse host gets together disperses more.

1. Black wallet: black represents calmness, can keep the money, and is not easy to lose money, especially suitable for people who like to make some small investments.

Coffee-colored wallets: similar to black wallets, but not as powerful.

3. Brown wallet: it symbolizes wildness and vitality, more suitable for people who like leisure style.

Yellow purse: yellow with gold and money.Yellow and gold represent wealth and are the best colors for wallets.For those who want to consider some big investments, a gold purse can help.

It is worth noting that men should not choose blue, white, red and other colors of the wallet, there will be scattered wealth.

What is a good material for a man's wallet

Water-dyed and waxed cowhide: produced in Spain and India. The surface of waxed cowhide is not decorated, but dyed. The surface of waxed cowhide is clear, three-dimensional and smooth.

Cowhide, black noodle cowhide: produced in Italy.The coating of smooth cowhide surface USES colophony chemical industry material, still add bead light pink or metallic powder inside colophony, make the effect that the surface of leather appears golden light scintillation.The properties of black leather are the same as that of polished cowhide, except that the surface coating is treated differently.

Dark - coloured sheepskin: also known as double - colour effect leather, produced in Spain.Bicolor effect is to point to its skin grain is like marble, be like the ripple in water, the aesthetic feeling that the product that makes especially releases a nature, no matter which Angle looks to make person aftertaste infinite.

When the man is buying purse, first selection still is head layer skin, soft wear-resisting, intensity and pull force are better, breathable performance is very good also, but still want to distinguish carefully when buying, buy fake in case.