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How to buy good wallet?

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-08-18

  Wallet according to its design can be divided into long style, short style wallet. The long wallet with rectangular shape, length is longer than the other. If you have more something need to put in bag, choose the satchel is advisable. Shorter bag with the short length and width, generally close to the square, if often to pack money in pocket, then choose the short wallet is advisable.
  It is also very important to check these parts to find good wallet. Wallet metal parts such as ring-pull, button, key hook, etc., to see whether the gilded place in good condition, in general, the copper is not easy to rust, faded. Wallet juncture place should be paid attention to see whether close, but note that too tight, will pull the leather too tightly, and cause the collapse of the wallet.  Pls note if there are many gaps and the seam on leather,  if there is too much, means using more than different skin piece, so good wallet should avoid excessive sew leather pieces.

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