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How to be a formal workers in Sunteam

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-05-05

Sunteam is an foreign trade export and import company. We are a Fashion leather handbag manufacturer and OEM ODM Women Wallet Leather. We are the professional supplier of bags, wallets and other small leather goods for 6 years.

As a foreign trade sales representative, except excellent English skill in speaking and writing, you have to know the craftsmanship of the products you are selling. In order to make sure the sales representatives are qualified to their job, Sunteam will send the new comers to its affiliated bags and wallets factory to learn the producing procedures of ladys handbag, mans handbag, ladys wallets and mans wallets in different materials. The new comers are requested to stay in the factory for three months. The first half month, their task is to familiar with different materials and accessories. The second half month is to learn the work procedure of different department, such as material cutting department, metal accessories department, glue department etc. At the second month, the new comers will stay in the workshop to learn how to make a bag or wallet. At the last month, the new comers will using the knowledge they learned in the second month to make one ladys handbag, one mans handbag, one ladys wallet and one mans wallet by their own hand in sampling room. Then they are only qualified to work as a foreign trade sales representative in Sunteam.




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