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Handbag is the mood of a woman in the hand

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on:2016-05-30

  For women, bag is an indispensable important part in life.It is because the bag has such an important role, so to some extent, they can convey certain information to the world and let the outside world through the bag to meet the owner of the bag.
  1. Like recreational bag
Psychological analysis: this type of people, their work has a great deal of scalability, free space also is very big. It is because of such conditions, coupled with the innate character, this kind of people you know are enjoy the life.Their attitude towards life more casual, not too demanding to themselves.They are positive and optimistic, and also a certain degree of the enterprise, can well arrange the work, study and life, can be in a more relaxed and pleasant environment to belong to own a thing well done, and made some achievements. 
  2. People like a briefcase
Psychoanalysis: choose bag is more briefcase, it illustrates the bag from the aspects of a master of the nature of the work.They may be a general manager of the enterprises and institutions, if they are ordinary staff, is also in the more formal units.Choose a briefcase may be due to the needs of work, but how many can be in this person's personality traits.The National People's Congress to do more with more careful and cautious, the people are very severe.Of course, they tend to be more demanding on theirselves.

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