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Grow up

  • Author:lisa
  • Release on:2016-04-15

Yesterday is the first day of Miss Luo departure our company, when she is in the company I meet the thing I don’t know I can ask her soon.But she is departure now ,so when I meet the question I have to search it on the net or check the data which she translate before.Although the efficiency is not high as before,but feel a pretty high sense of achievement.Whenever I translate the mail sometimes I will have a dependence.I often depend on Miss LUO. What I don’t know I can ask her.Now when I meet the word which I don’t know how to translate like China's amazing lady wallet, the quality of the wallet, such as the embossed on the core in the wallet I have to search it by myself. so although efficiency is not high but I can remember it easily, when I meet the same problem I can translate soon.

But I still also very thanks Miss Luo to help me this month , she is a very gentle person, I hope that we can have chance to meet in the future.