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Get to know Wallet style

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-04-17

Zipper wallet

There is definitely a landmark as zipper wallet mouth. Such wallet is good sealing, not easy to swap things. And it is also can hold many things. You can hold at least 1 to 2W RMB! The key is very convenient to open the wallet, pulled a head on the open!

Travel wallet

Travel wallet will do relatively large, and the split range function will be more, because of the need to use travel documents such as passports, air tickets, boarding passes, national currencies, and even travelers checks, travel arrangements, etc. are put together. Travel wallet usually have zippers, and sometimes the size of a small handbag can easily be confused, of course, modern people are not so particular about the difference. After opening the compartment can be seen with ordinary wallet is still a little different.

  Coin Wallet case

  Such coin purse is mainly used to hold the change. Usually cost a lot, from time to time will encounter when looking for change. If no such change of bags installed, it maybe time to time to lose! To earn a lot of money, we also need to save the change .

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