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Four correct maintenance methods of lady fashion handbag supplier china

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on :2016-04-26

Four kinds of methods proper maintenance of  lady fashion handbag supplier china is 

so expensive, poor maintenance, a careless, sprinkle point champagne or wine, then 

your bag scrapped. If you meet this situation, first of all do not get angry, use the 

followingmethod to save your brand bags.

1.The best time for clearing your fashion leather handbag is one time per week,put your soft towel in water and squeeze the towel dry then wipe your bag gently and carefully.

2.Mixed the fresh milk and water once every month accordance with the proportion 

of one-to-one rough count,put your soft towel into the water and then wipe the bag.

This method not only can effectively remove dust also helps to prolong the life of leather. Important: after must use clean cloth to wipe clean, otherwise very easy 

to stink.

3.Direct light and heat for a long time, can make the leather bags decoloring, discoloration, and product variants. It is not better for you to put make up water 

or other cosmetics  into your handbag directly,you can put into the cosmetic bag.

4.Serious besmirch,you'd better go to the shop request to clear and wipe the protectant.  Many international brands all offer this similar services.


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