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English abbreviations for most foreigners used

  • Author:Lily
  • Release on :2016-10-12

Today I would like to show you some English abbreviations for most foreigners used ,wish it can may help you more or less.


1. hiho=hola=yo=hi=hey=hellow

2. wuz up=sup=what's up

---GOOD BYE---

1. cya=cu=see ya=see you

2. laterz=later=cya later=see ya later=see you later

3. gn=gn8=gnight=good night

4. nn=nite

说明:Usually when the first people say gnight/gn8,then the second people will use nite,the others only can use nn.

---Amazing priase---

1. OMG=oh my god

2. OMFG=oh my fucking god

3. wtf=what the f uck

4. n1=nice 1=nice one

5. pwnz=ownz(eg:pwnz demo!;lefuzee ownz all the others!)

6. rullz(eg:lefuzee rullz!;you guyz rull!!!)

7. you rock!


1. lol=laughing out loud /laugh out loud

2. lmao=laughing my ass off

3. rofl=roll on floor laughing

---leave for a moment---

1. brb=be right back(eg:gettin some food to eat,brb)

2. bbs=be back soon

3. bbl=be back later(eg:im gonna go out for a while,bbl)

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