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Distinction of leather and leather

  • Author:Dora
  • Release on:2016-10-25

It is often better to be the image of "leather" to hear that this leather, but in the wrong half correct half. In here, we will discuss "leather".
The leather,Leather(Synthetic leather, artificial leather)Other than,Animal of the leather made on the basis of the skin "leather"Is called.

So, other than cowhide-Sheep leather- Horse leather, pig leather, snakeskin, deer leather, crocodile leatherEven is this leather. In rare even as leather other· Shark leather, stingray leather, lizard leatherEven,Genuine LeatherIt will be of category.

Crucial difference of leather and leather is,Leather was using animal skinsNatural originFor what it is, leather is the difference crucial point that has been made in the crude oil-derived.

In this leather skin stripped from animals,Tanning(Tanning)Processing alms, they are stained for goods

It will be leather from the skin.

In the case of leather, subjected to a polyurethane coating and PVC processing on top of the non-woven fabrics, textile fabrics, things will be the leather that was the type of press of leather after coloring. Derived from crude oil or chemical derived from the I'm a leather.

In this leather and synthetic leather, I think I'm a totally different thing raw materials nor structure.

Genuine Leather = Type such as cattle, horses, sheep, there is no relationship,Leather made based on animal skinsPlease remember with.

The leather?(For natural leather) it will be more than for basic knowledge about leather.

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