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Different bag reflect different mood for women 3

  • Author:Belinda
  • Release on:2016-04-26

For women, handbag is an important part in life. Because the bag has such an important role if life, so in some extent, they convey a certain message to the outside world. so that outside world people could understand the bag owners by bags.

Sunteam is a professional supplier of bags and wallets and other small accessories for 6 years.  We are also High quality Leather wallet Manufacturer,Fashion card holder manufacturer and Fashion leather handbag manufacturer. Here we’d like to analysis different bag reflect different mood for women.

1,Psychological Analysis for the people whom like Hobo bag.

Their work has great flexibility, free space is also very large. Because of these conditions,with their innate character, most of these people are enjoy life. Their attitude to life is more freely, dont harsh demand on themselves. They are more positive and optimistic

2, Psychological Analysis for the people whom like leather briefcase.

It could notice the bag owners working from his briefcase. They may be a general manager of enterprises and institutions, and if he is a general staff, He could also in a more formal units. Choose briefcase may be because of their work, but in some extent, it could also show their character. Most of these people work more cautious and prudent, and will also be quite severe to others. Of course, the requirements to themselves is much more higher.

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