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Consumer behavior analysis about bags

  • Author:Zoe
  • Release on :2016-04-29

Traditional shopping form is people turn streets to find products they are interested, ask the price and see quality, then go to another to do the same thing, and need to see a few stores before making a decision, even if bought bag goods after this, still feel in the market to buy expensive and wasted time, consumed energy. And within the small scope of place, it is impossible to obtain complete information, is also likely to be cheated. Now we sit at home can choose things like the whole world, and compare their prices, and there is such an abundance of products for your choosing. You dont need to go to streets in tired, so you can easily buy all required goods. However, with the transformation of life style and with the development of e-commerce, people realize that online shopping leather wallet convenience, security, price advantage, such as online shopping team gradually expand, the strong growing need to be motivation of the developped electronic commerce. In a word, compared with the traditional entity shop, online shop has the advantages of low start-up capital, start a business of low cost, simple procedures, quick transaction, operation and maintenance does not need too many professional knowledge, easy to use, and many other advantages.


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